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18 Super Genius Holiday Life Hacks That'll Make Decorating So Much Easier

NOVEMBER 11, 2016  —  By Hannah Austin

There is nothing I dread more than decorating for the holidays. Don't get me wrong, I love the festive, cozy look, but the tangled lights, knotty garland, and crumpled tree limbs are enough to make anyone wish for spring.

I know that I make it harder on myself by not storing things properly the year before, but not all of us are born crafty geniuses. Luckily, we've found 18 life hacks that will make getting ready for the holidays a bit more tolerable this year. We can't guarantee that you'll win "best decorated in the neighborhood," but you will be the most organized elf on the block.

1. Plastic cups offer a cheap and effective way to store ornaments. For extra security, hot glue the cups to a piece of cardboard.

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2. String mini-lights around the center of your tree to make it look like it's glowing from within. Then, top with colored lights and ornaments.


3. Use a command hook to easily hang a wreath over a cabinet or door.

4. Wrap up an empty box to store savable boxes and bags on Christmas morning. Then, simply store in a closet until next year.

5. If you have lots of tiny ornaments, keep them safe in an egg carton.

6. Wrap lights around a plastic hanger to keep them tangle-free. Why did I never think of this?!

7. Hang lights on brick with a dab of hot glue. When you're ready to take them down, it will scrape right off.

8. Repurpose Halloween pumpkins by turning them into adorable snowmen.

9. Add a bit of wire to your Elf on the Shelf's limbs to make him bendable. It opens up a whole new world of naughty Elf options!

10. Extend your mantle with a board to make it that much more lush.

11. Surprise dinner guests with a Christmas tree napkin. You can watch the tutorial here.

12. If you get a live tree, save clippings to add a rustic holiday vibe to the rest of the house!

13. Or, if you have a fake tree, add a few strands of garland wrapped in lights to make it look fuller.

14. Popsicle sticks and command hooks make great impromptu ornaments that can be hung anywhere.

15. Hang a few ornaments from your chandelier to create an eye-popping aerial centerpiece.

16. Hot glue three mini candy canes together to make these adorable food labels or use them as place cards at a dinner party!

17. Use a muffin tin to make this adorable advent calendar that the whole family will love.

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18. Phew! That was a lot of work. You'd better go relax with this bourbon spiked hot chocolate. The best part about decorating is sitting back and admiring it once it's done.

What life hacks do you use to get through the holidays? Be sure to let us know in the comments!

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