This Is One Of The Worst Cases Of Bullying I’ve Ever Seen. And It’s A Special Needs Child.

October 13, 2013 Bizarre

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Shea Shawhan of Plano, TX, is a special needs high school student. She is 18 years-old, but has the mental capacity of a child. During birth, oxygen was cut off from her brain, causing this condition and for Shea to experience seizures.

Shea is a junior at Plano West Senior High School, where she plays softball and is a member of the cheer squad. However, being a happy teenager and eager to participate didn’t protect her from evil, vicious bullies at her school.

It’s difficult not to be enraged by the vicious bullies who torment Shea day in and day out. Thankfully, other students are beginning to stand behind her now that they know what is happening.

There’s even a Facebook page called I’m With Shea, dedicated to stopping not only her bullying but all bullying.


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