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Here Are 25 Genius Life Hacks Exclusively For Women. Life Just Got Way Better For Them.

JULY 2, 2014

Being a woman (or living with women) can be complicated. No offense to the men of the world, but the personal things women have to deal with on a daily basis tend to be more confusing and stressful than what mean encounter. (Seriously, have you ever attempted making a waterfall braid?) That's why these life hacks are so amazing. Whether you're a woman or not, they'll bring a sense of organization and accomplishment to your life. Loose bobby pins, makeup cases and weird stains are a thing of the past. These tips are seriously epic.

1.) Attach a magnetic strip to the bathroom wall so that your bobby pins can stay in one place.

2.) Use socks and a hair dryer to stretch out and break in your new flats in just a few minutes.

3.) Use frozen grapes to chill white wine.

4.) Hot glue old corks to a piece of wood to make a super cute bulletin board (and use up all of those wine corks).

5.) Shower curtain hooks are great for hanging purses.

6.) Mount utensil trays and make custom jewelry cases.

7.) This is how you can neatly tuck your jeans into boots.

8.) Use fingernail polish to identify your keys easily.

9.) By putting baking soda into little sachets, you can keep your flats smelling good while they are in storage.

10.) By painting clear fingernail polish on the inside of rings, you can keep your fingers from turning colors.

11.) Prevent necklace tangles by putting them through a single straw.

12.) Dryer sheets can get rid of deodorant stains.

13.) Running your mascara brush under hot water can un-clump it.

14.) Use a magnetic board to store your makeup.

15.) Tie your scarves to hangers for easy storage.

16.) A shower caddy can be helpful for storing anything in the bathroom.

17.) Use a pumice stone to get rid of little lint balls on coats.

18.) Pants hangers can also be used on boots.

19.) Make your own heating pad with a sock and rice (warm it up carefully in the microwave).

20.) Size a bra yourself - try to slip 2 fingers in between yourself and the strap.

21.) Use that expensive straightener as a tiny iron (like for hems).

22.) Loose ponytails won't give you bald spots.

23.) When packing a suitcase, wrap your shoes in a shower cap.

24.) Red wine stains can be neutralized by white wine. Strange and messy, but true.

(H/T Ebaumsworld) Help out literally everyone in your life by sharing these girl life hacks. Even if you're a guy, you're going to come home to a much more organized closet and bathroom if your girl knows these amazing tricks.

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