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People Are Posting Pictures Of Their Pets Before And After Being Called A Good Boy

JANUARY 1, 2017  —  By Hannah Austin

"Who's a good boy? That's right, you are!"

Whenever I call my dogs "good boy" or "good girl," they go wild with joy. As it turns out, they're not alone! Recently, pet owners around the world have been posting photos of their animals before and after calling them "good boy." A grumpy cat or two aside, it's clear to see that these animals enjoy a good compliment just as much as we humans do.

1. Is this a dog or a polar bear? Either way, he's a good boy!

2. This little pupper has been waiting all day to hear those two magic words.

3. When this deaf dog's owner signed "good boy," he couldn't help but smile.

4. Cats, on the other hand, couldn't care less about being a good boy. They just want some food and a warm spot in the sun, thank you very much.

5. I like to think that they're smiling on the inside, though.

6. "A good boy? Me? Mother, please, you're embarrassing me!"

7. What's the point of being complimented if you're not going to get a treat?

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8. What a sweet smile! Yup, he's definitely a good boy.

9. Oh, what a good boy. I shall call you Snowball and we will be best friends forever.

10. "You think I'm a good boy now, just wait until I get my hair did!"

11. "Good boy? I don't understand the question and I won't respond."

12. Me leaving 2016 versus walking into 2017.

13. Just when I thought golden retrievers couldn't be any sweeter, this one totally upped the game.

14. "I know I'm a good boy, but have you seen my tongue?"

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15. Even birds like to be called a good boy!

Okay, furry friends, you can all return to napping now. Be sure to share these sweet animals with your loved ones, and if you have a pet, go take some "good boy" photos of your own!

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