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23 Dogs Who Woke Up Like This And Already Look Amazing

NOVEMBER 9, 2016  —  By Corinne Sanders

When I get out of bed, it's no exaggeration to say that I'm a complete hot mess.

But while I need a shower, makeup, and hair products to feel at all presentable, my dogs don't require a single thing to be their handsome selves every single day.

The following cuties are definitely morning dogs as well, because even when they aren't feeling 100 percent awake, they still rock it better than any of us ever could.

1. #FeelingFabulous

2. This is probably the most joyful yawn I've ever seen.

3. "Is it time for breakfast yet?"

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4. "Just five more minutes, okay?"

5. "Where am I?"

6. "I'm getting up, I swear."

7. Maybe she's born with it.

8. This sweet face would make it impossible for me to ever get out of bed.

9. The struggle is real when you're as tired as this little guy.

10. Even when they wake up looking like complete derps, they're still cute.

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11. "You should just call in sick and come back to bed for some cuddles."

12. "No pictures, please. It's way too early for that crap."

13. Bed head only makes this pup even more adorable.

14. Somebody definitely isn't ready to start the day.

15. Some sleep like humans better than we do.

16. My face whenever someone tries to wake me up before my alarm goes off.

17. Too. Early. Can't. Function.

18. How everyone feels on a Monday morning.

19. Huskies often morph into seals during the night.

20. The beauty sleep definitely seems to be working.

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21. "Can I help you with something?"

22. How you could get any work done with this adorable creature nearby is beyond me.

23. "If you could turn the lights back off, that'd be great."

Okay, I'm ready to give up on today and get back into bed with my dogs. Who else feels the same?


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