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20 Of The Most Breathtaking Images Of The Night Sky Ever Captured

NOVEMBER 16, 2016  —  By Corinne Sanders

There's always been something special to me about looking up into the night sky and seeing the wonders of our universe.

The moon and stars are stunning, but not being a photographer, I've never been able to capture the same beauty in an image that I've witnessed in person. Even during the recent supermoon, I only managed to take a photo of what looks like a round, glowing blur in the distance. It's clear that I don't have a fraction of the talent that these people do.

Get ready to have your breath taken away...

1. These gorgeous purple shades were captured in Taiping, China.

2. This phenomenon that occurred over Bora Bora may have been a satellite flare.

3. In Dundee, Scotland, the nightlife paired with the sky is a seriously beautiful sight.

4. This photo of the sky in Hubbard, Texas, looks like it belongs in a gallery.

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5. The reflection in the water makes this scene even more stunning.

6. Wernigerode, Germany, is obviously a perfect place to stargaze.

7. This spot at the Evergreen Mountain Lookout in Washington proves that the best views of the stars can be found in nature.

8. Somebody drive me to Anchorage, Alaska, so I can see the amazing auroras.

9. The recent supermoon was beautifully captured in Adelaide, South Australia.

10. This stunning photo was taken at the Nambung National Park in Cervantes, Western Australia.

11. This huge lightning bolt appeared over Coimbra, Portugal.

12. The sky appears completely unreal here in Langkawi, Malaysia.

13. The northern lights in Iceland make me want to book a flight there right now.

14. However, the northern lights in Edmonton, Alberta, make me want to go to Canada just as badly.

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15. The colors in France are simply breathtaking.

16. I could stare at this deep-blue sky in Portland, Oregon, forever.

17. This person clearly had the most awesome flight from London to Newark when they got to witness an aurora.

18. Something tells me that watching this moon rise was way more spectacular in person.

19. Could the Eagle River Nature Center in Alaska be any more magical?

20. If the sky in my city looked half as amazing as it does in Taiwan, I'd never want to leave.

Well, it looks like I need to make 20 new entries on my list of places to visit. Where have you seen the most beautiful night sky? Let us know in the comments!

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