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Here Are The 23 Definitive Reasons Why Great Danes Are The Greatest

JANUARY 3, 2015

We don't call them Okay Danes or So-So Danes. No, they are Great Danes. And there's a reason for that. You might think it's because of their sheer size - some stand over seven feet on their hind legs - but it's also because of how amazing they are as pets. Some people may be intimidated by them, but despite their almost horse-like stature, they will still try to sit on your lap like a toy poodle. They aren't called gentle giants for nothing.

They're notoriously loving creatures, and the "king of dogs" makes for a great family pet. Here are some reasons Great Danes are so great!

1.) They're just about the cutest puppies you'll ever see.

Those EYES.

The cutest yawn I have ever seen.

Sleep at last!

2.) Great Danes think they are one of the little guys.

"Bring it in, big guy"

3.) "Is it ok if I use you for a pillow?"

4.) Nothing like a good boxing match.

5.) He has no idea that he's actually got the upper hand in this battle...

"I just want to love you, fearsome feline!"

Or here.

"What is this terrifying fluff ball?!"

6.) Good thing this oversized pup found a dog bed that's juuust the right size!

7.) "I'm a lap dog, right?"

8.) Even their temper tantrums are cute.

Their giant bodies flailing around puts a smile on my face.

9.) If you are a tiny baby, you can even ride a Great Dane!

If you're anything above seven pounds, though, definitely refrain from these shenanigans.

10.) Speaking of young children, they're super protective mommas.

11.) Maybe if you're lucky, your Dane will give you a sleigh ride.

12.) They'll keep all your secrets.

13.) They make for extremely handsome fashion models.

14.) Because they're just so darn graceful!

More proof of their grace.


15.) They're always so on point.

16.) Playtime is always the best time with a Dane!

17.) And they give the best hugs.

This is Zeus, who held the record for largest dog ever at 7' 4" when standing on his hind legs.

Sadly, Zeus passed away in September at the age of 5. He was a little young for his breed, which usually lives for 7-10 years. However, with great size comes big health problems for the pups. Zeus lived a full and happy dog life, and will forever remain a legend.

18.) They're also excellent cuddlers.

19.) And are suckers for a great belly rub.

20.) They're a friend to all.

Even cats!

21.) Nope, can't say "no" to this little guy.

22.) They're super loyal (and will always stand guard of the golf cart).

23.) But above all, they're great because they just get us.

They're the sweetest big pups out there, and they want nothing more than to shower you with their big-hearted affection. If you're thinking of adopting a Great Dane, do your research, first! As with any other breed, it's important to make sure they'll be perfect for your family.

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