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She Dealt With Mental Issues, Abuse, And Being Overweight -- But Look At Her Now!

FEBRUARY 6, 2017  —  By Corinne Sanders

Just a few years ago, now 24-year-old Talitha Rogers was overweight, on a dangerous mixture of medications, and dealing with emotional abuse.

But today, she's the happiest and healthiest she's ever been -- and it's all because of the choice she made to completely change her life and lose over 100 pounds. Her motivation? She simply wanted to be a mother.

Looking at this confident young woman, you wouldn't think that she ever had issues with her weight. But in reality, she had been overweight for most of her life.

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After getting out of an emotionally abusive relationship, the New South Wales, Australia, resident had severe anxiety issues and had all but stopped socializing with anybody outside of her family.

Doctors misdiagnosed her with bipolar disorder, anxiety disorder, and borderline personality disorder.

They also gave her a dangerous mix of medications, including lithium, that she didn't realize could affect her fertility. To make it worse, she developed serotonin syndrome, which caused her hair to fall out, her skin to turn gray, and her memory to weaken. She says she felt like she was going to die.

At her highest weight, she was about 286 pounds and got humiliated when she couldn’t fit into a plane seat. “My health had really deteriorated, I was in excruciating pain, and developed ulcerative colitis which can cause bowel cancer. It scared the crap out of me. Then the doctor started talking about fertility,” she told Kidspot.

She's dreamed about becoming a mom since she was a little girl, so she knew right then that she needed to make huge changes. She went to a new doctor who took her off the medication and began exercising and eating a plant-based diet.

Before long, the weight began falling off of her. After 11 months of hard work and determination, she lost 143 pounds and became half her size.

It also helped that she had a new boyfriend who completely supported her throughout her journey.

“I no longer have IBS and all my aches and pains are gone. I cut out every single bad thing in my life and now live without chemicals," she said.

“I can’t believe I’m here. Every time I’ve gone to lose weight I’ve never succeeded. I’ve never had motivation strong enough. You need a ‘why’, whether it’s to have kids, or for your kids, it’s all in the mind,” she added.

(via Kidspot)

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