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This Cat Momma Didn't Ask For Help Caring For Her Kitties But One Hen Did It Anyway

FEBRUARY 8, 2017  —  By Sarah Jewel  
Sarah Jewel

Sarah Jewel

Animal and pizza lover with an Internet addiction. Nerd to the max. Currently residing in the land of beautiful winters.

There are so many heartwarming stories out there about animals adopting other animals.

Usually this happens when babies have been orphaned through some kind of tragedy. Animals can be so intuitive and recognize babies that need help, even if they're of a completely different species.

Some animals, though, are kinda dumb. The story of a hen adopting some kittens who didn't need her help is just too funny not to share.

A farmer wandered into the chicken coop one morning to see this hen roosting on top of four baby kittens.

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To be fair to this very confused bird, the kittens' mother had given birth in the hen's nest, and she must have thought the kittens were her hatched chicks.

The kittens didn't mind the cozy comfort of the hen, but momma cat was not pleased that her babies had been stolen.

She eventually picked them up one by one and brought them to a safe location, far away from any other would-be mothers.

(via Reddit / virnovus)

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That poor hen has no idea where "her babies" are! Maybe momma cat will grant her some visitation rights eventually. Share this hilarious story with the animal lovers in your life!

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