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Here's How 95 Famous People Aged Over The Years. Number 6...What Happened There?!

JANUARY 8, 2014

We all age and even though most of us don't like to admit it, we don't age very well. That is even more true for some of these celebrities below, most of whom look like they've been cast as extras in a Zombie flick (apart from Johnny Depp and Peter Frampton, who apparently bathe in the fountain of youth every day).

Check out how these 95 celebrities have changed through out the years:

1. Mark Hamill

2. Mickey Rourke

3. Johnny Depp

4. Pamela Anderson

5. Geena Davis

6. Axl Rose

7. Jim Carrey

8. Barbra Streisand

9. Carrie Fisher

10. Pierce Brosnan

11. Lisa Robin Kelly

12. Hugh Hefner

13. Goldie Hawn

14. Arnold Schwarzenegger

15. Lindsay Lohan

16. Mike Tyson

17. Peter Frampton

18. Clint Eastwood

19. Simon & Garfunkel

20. Eddie Van Halen

21. Mel Gibson

22. Gary Busey

23. Wayne Newton

24. Dolly Parton

25. Madonna

26. Boy George

27. Billy Idol

Can't forget about child stars either. Here are some stars as kids and how they look now.

28. Andrew Lawrence - 1996 and now.

29. Christian Bale - 1997 and now.

30. Christina Ricci - 1990 and now.

31. Dakota Fanning - 2001 and now.

32. Daniel Radcliffe - 2000 and now.

33. Daryl Sabara - 2001 and now.

34. Drew Barrymore - 1982 and now.

35. Elijah Wood - 1992 and now.

36. Emma Watson - 2000 and now.

37. Frankie Muniz - 2000 and now.

38. Haley Joel Osment - 1997 and now.

39. Hilary Duff - 2001 and now.

40. Jake Lloyd - 1999 and now.

41. Jaleel White - 1990 and now.

42. Jodie Foster - 1973 and now.

43. Jonathan Lipnicki - 1996 and now.

44. Kirsten Dunst - 1993 and now.

45. Kristen Stewart - 2002 and now.

46. Lacey Chabert - 1996 and now.

47. Leonardo DiCaprio - 1990 and now.

48. Lindsay Lohan - 1998 and now.

49. Macaulay Culkin - 1991 and now.

50. Miley Cyrus - 2006 and now.

51. Mischa Barton - 1997 and now.

52. Scarlett Johansson - 1996 and now.

53. Taylor Lautner - 2005 and now.

54. Taylor Momsen - 2000 and now.

55. Wil Wheaton - 1987 and now.

56. Zac Efron - 2004 and now.

57. Alyssa Milano - 1984 and now.

And here are some celebs who have had A LOT of work done on their faces...jeez, some of these are crazy.

58. Sylvester "Rocky" Stallone is still the Italian Stallion.

59. Vegas living has done nothing good for Wayne Newton.

60. I wonder why Jessica Simpson isn't a spokeswoman for Chicken by the Sea.

61. Perhaps the biggest surprise on this list is Meg Ryan.

62. Lil Kim, who you might not have recognized without this caption.

63. We miss you Michael.

64. Lindsay "I'm broke" Lohan.

65. Dolly Parton might be more plastic than human at this point.

66. Melanie Griffith, you're a whole new woman.

67. Janet Jackson is stunningly... different.

68. Ah, Burt Reynolds.

69. Ms. Sarah Jessica Parker ladies and ... well ... ladies.

70. If you know this is Kenny Rogers, then you must be older than me.

71. But you were already stunning, Megan Fox.

72. Janice Dickinson, model. Don't you know how to look in a mirror?

73. Pamela Anderson has certainly...increased.

74. Why does Scarlett Johansson look amazing in both pictures?!

75. Donatello Versace, you are crazy.

76. Mickey Rourke is not real, I swear.

77. Angelina Jolie--yet another example of how surgery isn't necessary.

78. Carrot Top, more like Rotten Top.

This last set of celebrities are clearly immortal...they have hardly changed a bit!

79. Meryl Streep

Acid Cow

80. Jared Leto

Acid Cow

81. Jamie Foxx

Acid Cow

82. Beyoncé

Acid Cow

83. Gwen Stefani

Acid Cow

84. Jay-Z

Acid Cow

85. Rob Lowe

Acid Cow

86. Eva Mendes

Acid Cow

87. Avril Lavigne

Acid Cow

88. Elijah Wood

Acid Cow

89. Jennifer Aniston

Acid Cow

90. Kate Winslet

Acid Cow

91. Halle Berry

Acid Cow

92. Paul Rudd

Acid Cow

93. Neil Patrick Harris

Acid Cow

94. Julianne Moore

Acid Cow

95. Will Smith

Acid Cow

Clearly some of these pictures weren't taken at ideal moments, but even so, it begs the question: How the heck are they going to use Hamill and Fisher in the new Star Wars movie?

We'll soon find out.

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