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They Stumbled Across This In The Woods... Beneath It Was A Terrifyingly Awesome Secret.

MAY 31, 2014

Deep in the woods in the middle of northern Germany there are strange, periscope-like pipes that are jutting out of the ground. One day, a group of friends stumbled across them in the former German Democratic Republic territory. They decided to explore the area, even though it seemed a little dangerous. What they found hidden beneath the ground was historically interesting ... but also terrifying.

The friends used to play there as kids but never explored what was connected to the pipes.

But it was time. The entrance was originally covered with a wooden lid, but it was removed with a crowbar.

The view from inside the entrance, iron door and all.

There were endless, hospital-like hallways...

Acoustics inside of the bunker made everything much more horrifying.

There were junctions everywhere. It'd be tempting to turn down just one and end up lost...

The first dead end...

And another, caved in and covered in graffiti.

The path kept going on and turning.

They refused to turn back.

(Although at times it was tempting to get out of there.)

Doors like you would find in a bank vault seemed to be torn from their hinges.

They were heavy and covered in letters that were difficult to decipher.

Pointing to an exit.

Possibly connected to the periscope pipes?

As they went further down, the bunker became more and more decayed.

This is the series of heavy vault doors anyone would need to pass to get through here.

"Hello, Satan, I love you."

The corridors smelled of disgusting sewage.

The bottom levels were not holding up so well.

Some of the major hallways and rooms were flooded.

It just added to the creepiness factor.

This pile of trash, in the dark, looked like a man sitting and waiting for them...

Another impassable, strange corridor.

The "great hall," one of the biggest rooms they discovered.

In the middle was a strange machine...

Random gloves, left in the great hall.

Some ghoul or ghost forgot their shoe.

"Stay back?"

A hatch, but leading where?

The friends left the bunker, spooked, once their camera died. They discovered so many strange things deep below the ground and didn't want to get lost. Would you have the guts to go inside something this creepy, if you found it in the woods?

A growth on top of a deep, deep cavern.

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