When It Comes To Playing Hide-And-Seek, This Dog Is Definitely The Worst At It

SEPTEMBER 15, 2016  —  By Binny Gudjonsson

Meet Lola the English bull terrier. Lola loves nothing more than a fun game of hide-and-go-seek with her owner. But there's only one problem...the adorable pup is hilariously bad at it!

Even when her owner is hiding right under her nose, Lola can't for the life of her seem to find him. What makes things even funnier is that he always hides behind the door.

We're not kidding. She's adorably bad at hide-and-seek. Just see for yourself!


You can almost hear her thinking, "He vanished again!" as she spins on the spot, unaware he's hiding just a couple of feet from her.


To be fair to Lola though, there are two parts to hide-and-seek. Maybe she's the world's best when it comes to hiding!


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