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31 Hilariously Awful Cake Fails You Need To See To Believe.

JULY 18, 2014

Each of us has our own specific set of talents and areas of life that we excel in. Some people may be great at keeping track of their finances and others may be swell bowlers. If you can't do something as well as your neighbor, that doesn't mean something is wrong with you. ... The only exception would be if you're terrible at your job. For example, if you're a baker and you can't even handle baking a cake? You might want to start tweaking your resume. Somehow, these bakers just couldn't handle the pressure of creating a delicious and beautiful treat for their clients. Instead: they baked chaos.

1.) Everything about this is awful.

2.) She was supposed to be wearing a "cap." Not a cat.


4.) No part of this is cute. NONE.

5.) No one will ever know what this cake is supposed to be.

6.) It's supposed to be cute... but there is just something off about this.

7.) The Serta sheep were already terrifying. But this takes "nightmare" to an entirely new level.

8.) Apparently spelling and grammar is dead as well.

9.) P.S. Don't eat the huge stuffed animal placed on top.

10.) I'm sure everyone will remember this.

11.) Please, please, please say this was on purpose.

12.) And this looks the opposite of appetizing.

13.) How did they NOT know what they were doing?

14.) Oh, good. A horror baby cake.

15.) This was made for Canada Day. Canada.

16.) This was the year that the kids hated Easter. No one could figure out why.

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