Here Are The 25 Angriest, Harshest Letters Ever Left On Windshields. #13 Is Full Of RAGE.

March 19, 2014 Entertainment

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Walking back to your car only to see something shoved under the windshield wiper can be a harrowing and awful experience. Dozens of questions may flit through your mind when you see it. Is it a ticket? Did someone hit me? Is it a flyer for some free General Tso’s Chicken? Even if the news were bad, I bet if you found any of these 25 notes left on your car, you’d just have to laugh. I love these people’s style.

So, the next time you see someone taking up more than just one parking spot, feel free to leave them a note. However, instead of yelling at them, find a clever way to work in a life lesson. (And also the fact that you politely tried to curse their car.)

If any of these made you smile, share them!

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