This Is What Happens When You're In Labor... And You Refuse To Go To The Hospital.

JUNE 3, 2013  —  By Sara Heddleston  
Sara Heddleston

Sara Heddleston

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When Erin Loechner gave birth to a beautiful daughter, she decided to do it in the most unique way. Instead of heading to a crowded hospital, full of infections and bustle, she decided to have a home birth. It was a grueling, challenging affair that lasted a full two days. She didn't take any epidurals or other harmful medications; bravely, she fought through the pain herself. Welcoming a baby girl into a home that is warm, loving and full of family is a wonderful idea. Her friend and photographer, Betsy King, captured all of these powerful moments.

On the very first day at 8am, contractions began.

They were difficult to get through, but Erin concentrated on her breathing.

Her husband was her rock; he helped her through the tough moments.

She soon realized that the couch was the most comfortable spot.

After a failed attempt at walking, Erin recovers.

Every contraction was hard, but worth it.

A quick break...

Her husband helped her rest the most she could.

Moving through the house was a challenge.

Contractions often brought Erin to her knees.

A terribly achy back gets relief.

Even through the pain, there were smiles shared.

Breathing through the contractions.

Breathing through the contractions is getting hard.

Together, this couple is a community of hope.

Labor would be worse if it weren't for the strong companions by her side.

Midwife checks the vitals, prepping for the birth.

Time for a bath!

The relaxation doesn't last long.

There's lots of hard work in laboring.

Erin's husband helps wash her.

Soon, their daughter would arrive.

The final contractions were strong, but Erin made it through!

Although, at the time, it didn't feel like she would.

They did it!

This is what pure bliss looks like. :)

The proud parents were full of amazement.

They even enjoyed the first cry.

Congratulations, mom and dad!

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