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He Found The Creepiest Notebook In His Home...But That Isn't Even The Worst Part

DECEMBER 22, 2016  —  By Corinne Sanders

When Imgur user got a new technical support job in October and began working graveyard shifts, he knew it would take time to adjust to his new sleeping schedule.

He was set to work from 1 a.m. to 12 p.m., so he had a difficult time getting used to going to bed in the afternoon and waking up around midnight. What he wasn't' expecting, however, was a creepy stranger making himself at home in his apartment while he was at work.

Not long after starting the job, Ashontez began noticing things that were out of place when he came home or after he woke up. Lights had been left on, doors were unlocked, and food went missing from his refrigerator.

He chalked it up to either not remembering doing these things himself or his cats getting into trouble at first, but it kept happening even when they weren't there anymore.

Things got much worse in December when he saw a $3,000 charge on his credit card account. He had no idea how this could have happened, because he always had the card with him. As he was working from home around 3 a.m. that night, he heard someone trying to unlock his door. Luckily, whoever it was couldn't get in because the deadbolt was engaged and ran off. He changed the locks shortly after and notified the police, but they didn't find anything.

Everything came to a head when he decided it was time to pull out the Christmas tree and decorations from his storage closet and set them up.

After taking the tree out, he saw a small, black bag that definitely didn't belong to him. Inside were clothes, shoes, toiletries, sunglasses, and a notebook.

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What horrified him the most was what the notebook contained.

It was full of notes about his personal information, including when he left and came back from work, the door they probably first broke in through, and even his credit card number. That's when he realized that not only had a stranger been living in his apartment while he was at work, but they were stalking him as well.

(via Imgur)

He knew the man must have been there while he was asleep, too, because he also wrote that Ashontez was a "heavy sleeper." It also explains how this person got his credit card number and the key to his apartment to make a copy.

The stalker hasn't been back since, and the police are still investigating the situation. If I was him, I'd definitely move out of there -- seriously, how creepy would it be to have a stranger watch you while you sleep?

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