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As It Turns Out, Hornets Want Us To Be Afraid Of More Than Just Their Stingers

APRIL 22, 2017  —  By Corinne Sanders

As I'm sure most of you are well aware, hornets and every other kind of wasp are pretty much spawns of Satan.

These absolute jerks of the insect world seemingly live to spread pain and terror wherever they happen to go, but this particular hive of hornets really outdid themselves in the creepy department when they constructed a nest in Redditor CountBubs 's backyard shed a few years ago.

Hornets build their nests by chewing up wood and mixing their saliva with the pulp to hold everything together, so when these nasty critters found what looks like a wooden statue or mask in CountBub's shed, they went to town on it and created something terrifying.

Nightmare fuel, right? The good news is that the nest was already abandoned when the Redditor found it. Apparently, it's still there.

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(via IFL Science)

I can just imagine the freaky things flying out of the eye and mouth holes now. Be sure to share this creepy creation of nature with others if finding it would send you running for the hills.


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