Some Guy Posted His Hospital Bill Online. You'll See Why Everyone's Talking About It.

DECEMBER 30, 2013  ———  By Sara Heddleston  
Sara Heddleston

Sara Heddleston

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A 20 year-old man came down with appendicitis in October of this year. He posted the bill on Reddit and it has gone viral. The US Health Care system is a topic of much debate, not only in the US but around the world. A lot of countries get 'free' health care, so needless to say, this has stirred up a lot of conversation. As if waking up in excruciating pain isn't enough, this is the bill he received in the mail a couple months later. Take a look:

The original cost was over $55,000. Because the 20 year-old man was on his father's insurance, the cost was lowered to $11,000.

Which is still an obscenely high bill to pay for such a young man. He was in the Recovery Room for 2 hours and it cost him $7,500.

The actual surgery cost $16,000.

This bill caused quite an uproar. A lot of citizens of other countries chimed in with their own experiences.

An Australian with appendicitis never even saw a bill.

A Canadian's mother had foot surgery and her only charge was $60...for cable.

A Malaysian paid the equivalent of $25 for an appendectomy.

And then other Americans gave their two cents (or hundreds of thousands of dollars):

This American got cancer and had to file for bankruptcy. At age 24.

His cousin died because he had reached his "lifetime limit" for treatment. He was 27.

$2000 for a night's stay, a juice box and a pill.

We don't take political sides here in any way, but it's hard to deny that these costs are absurd. No matter how you think this should be fixed, I think we can all agree that it needs to be. What's your opinion? Share this guy's hospital bill with others.


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