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You Thought Earthworms Weren't Terrifying? Think Again

NOVEMBER 20, 2016  —  By Hannah Austin

Just when I thought I had all my phobias figured out, I find a brand-new fear of epic proportions: giant earthworms.

As far as creepy-crawlies go, earthworms have never bothered me. They don't bite, mostly stay underground, and snack on dirt. What could be less threatening?

However, after seeing these photos of giant earthworms from around the world, I'm rethinking everything. From Australia to Africa to South America, there are some seriously huge and terrifying worms out there.

In most of the United States, finding a worm this big would be rare. America's largest earthworm is found in Oregon and can grow as long as three feet, but that's nothing compared to their cousins in other countries.

Getty Images

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Take, for instance, this giant earthworm found in South Africa.

I guess this guy didn't have a problem with using his bare hands when he found this monstrosity in the Amazon. Anything for Instagram, right?

Imagine the fish you could catch this earthworm. The five-foot beast was found in the foothills of the Sumaco Volcano in Ecuador.

Australia also has some freakishly huge earthworms! Seriously, people, stop with the bare hands.

To learn more about giant earthworms, check out the video below. As if their size isn't horrifying enough, they are also known to make some really disgusting sounds.


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Who knew earthworms could be so terrifying? Thanks a lot, internet.


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