Bad News: The Earth Is Swallowing Up Everyone And Everything. Okay, Maybe Not.. But This Is Crazy.

February 18, 2014 Stories

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For some reason, in the last decade, sinkholes have been appearing in the headlines more and more frequently. It could be that news outlets are just faster at reporting news, but it’s possible that mining, fracking and other human operations have been weakening the ground below us. Cars, houses and roads are being swallowed by sinkholes at an alarming rate. You may think that you’ll never encounter one of these dangerous phenomena yourself, but experts estimate that thousands of sinkholes form every year in Florida alone. What about the rest of the United States? And the world?

The most terrifying thing about these sinkholes is that they seem quite difficult to predict, once they begin forming you can’t really stop them… and they can happen anywhere.

Via Amusing Planet

Share this. It might not help you avoid sinkholes, but it’ll help others realize just how frequently they’re occurring.

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