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15 Products That Are So Insane, You Won't Believe They Exist -- WTF

JANUARY 13, 2017  —  By Corinne Sanders

Have you ever come across something that made you question why it was ever created in the first place?

We've seen a ton of things that are completely useless, but when compared to these ridiculous and sometimes inappropriate finds, they really don't seem so bad. One thing's for sure -- the people who came up with them have some serious explaining to do.

From Cheetos-flavored lip balm to pills that make your poop gold, here are 15 of the most insane products that have ever been sold.

1. Ice Breakers Pacs were unsurprisingly discontinued because they looked way too much like baggies full of cocaine and heroin.

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2. This product seems like a good idea at first for sleepy drivers...

That is, until you read that it's also designed for drunk drivers.

3. I'm willing to bet that people don't buy Zippo perfume because they think it contains butane.

4. Cheetos may be tasty in your mouth, but do you really want to spread that flavor all over your lips?

5. People pay a lot of money for flights, and the Knee Defender takes away the small comfort of being able to recline your chair if the person behind you uses it.


6. The Joena face corset mask is designed to slim your face like a regular corset does for your waist, but it just looks like a creepy torture device.

7. Psychedelic PEZ dispensers were all the rage back in the '60s, and were inspired by -- you guessed it -- LSD-induced hallucinations.

8. The makers of F-Cup Cookies boasts the product's ability to enlarge breasts, but the jury's still out on whether it actually works.

9. Rear Gear is basically a butt cover to stick on your pet, because how else would you be able to tear your eyes away from that unsightly area?

10. If you've ever wished that your poop was sparkly and gold, you're in luck -- just pop a gold pill!

11. There are creams made from the foreskins of babies -- no, seriously. Oprah Winfrey even endorsed them.

12. Beauty smile trainers are supposed to keep you smiling no matter what -- just keep this piece of plastic in your mouth all day and you're good to go!

13. Eyelid trainers are Japanese products that claim to give eyelids a more Western look.

14. These are edible chocolate anuses. Why, just why?!

15. Need to protect your head in style? The Grappa Eco Shopping Bag and Safety Helmet will do the trick!

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(via Cracked)

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