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These 32 Kids Rooms Are So Epic That Your Inner Child Will Cry From Jealously. Unreal.

MARCH 17, 2014

Growing up, I dreamed of having my very own bunk bed. I wanted to climb up the ladder, pretend to be a pirate and just let the world melt away around me. What I didn't realize, is that there are children out there who not only have bunk beds... they have the coolest bedrooms in the world. Some of these custom bedroom designs wouldn't be costly, it'd just take a lot of time and dedication to make them just right. As for me, I'm going to silently sit here and dream about my perfect pirate bedroom. It doesn't have to be for my inner child, it could just be for me.

1. Playing "this little piggie" just suddenly got authentic.

2. Even this kid gets to live in a tropical paradise!

3. This may be the world's most epic bunk bed.

4. These parents get extra points for authenticity, wow.

5. I think this is a room for a future astronaut.

6. They have a fort. In their room.

7. Yep, there certainly are rings and a swing in this jungle playroom.

8. How could you not be happy in this room?

9. I would love to give this little forest to my children.

10. PSST: Aladdin is their favorite movie.

11. This is nicer than my entire house.

12. Sliding out of bed would make mornings SO much better.

13. A treehouse bedroom? LOVE.

14. Perfect for a little princess.

15. This entire room is an adventure.

16. Just. Too. Cute.

17. Sigh, the pirate bedroom I'll never have.

18. Woah, that's just impressive.

19. The perfect hangout for little boys.

20. No worries, that's just a tree swing inside.

21. I'm an adult and I would NEVER leave this room.

22. How could any kid want to play outside with a room like this?

23. Storage? Stairs? Loft? Awesomeness.

24. I need that swinging chair immediately.

25. That's the perfect meeting place for best friends.

26. Slightly dangerous? Sure. Incredibly awesome? Yes.

27. I have a feeling little girls wouldn't come to play in this room.

28. I hope you love colors!

29. Epic and elegant.

30. Awesome storage space is a great reason to buy more toys.

31. There's so much room for activities!

32. This is a fairy forest wonderland. Wow.

Being a kid would be so awesome nowadays!

Talented interior design isn't all about modern home interiors. These kids rooms are works of art themselves, share them with others.

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