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12 Of The Most Insane Landlord Stories That The Internet Has To Offer -- OMG

JANUARY 17, 2017  —  By Hannah Austin

Have you ever had a bad landlord? I thought I'd dealt with some slumlords in the past, but these renters' experiences take things to a whole new level.

I used to live in an apartment that did not allow tenants to control the heat. Some days it would be blazing hot, others it would be freezing. To top it off, my landlady once decided to knock down walls on the floor above mine without giving me notice. I came home one day to find every square inch of my place covered in a thick layer of dust...and she refused to pay for cleaning.

These days, I'm very happy to be a homeowner -- especially after seeing these 12 landlord horror stories!

1. "I'm in New Jersey. I and my daughter were away to visit my mother the last week of August, I had told my landlord we were leaving on a short vacation as is stipulated on my lease. I live in a two bedroom apartment, where the second room was for my daughter. Well, when I got back, I found out my landlord moved his brother into my kid's bedroom, and all my things in there were either thrown out or basically given to his brother to sell. My daughter now has to sleep with me."

"I contested this, showing him that my lease was only for two occupants: me and my kid. He told me to 'go **** myself' and if I couldn't handle living with a roommate to move out though I would have to buy out my lease. I had just renewed it in June, so I would owe nine months of rent to him."

"On another note, when moving his brother in, my landlord also apparently sold our pet cat and flushed my daughter's fish down the toilet, so he and his brother claim."

(via Reddit / worriedmother69775)

2. "My landlord wants to show the unit I live in too often, so I have decided to take up naked yoga."

"To be clear I am a male (sorry to ruin any dreams)."

"I am moving out in the next few months, and he has been showing my place to potential new tenants and the rate of showings is getting rather annoying. So this evening, I thought it would be a good time to send a clear message that I have had enough of the showings."

"I was given the standard notice of when they were going to be coming by, but I wasn't going to let that interrupt my 'schedule.' So when the landlord opened the door to show the prospective tenants in, the first thing the[y] see is me doing the side-plank pose naked as the day I was born. The look of horror on the lady's face when she saw me was priceless."

(via Reddit / icarusflewtooclose)

3. "I rent a basement from an older widowed lady who lives upstairs and the other night my longtime girlfriend stayed over for the first time. In the morning, my landlady came down and told both of us separately that I was not allowed to have her stay over."

"I pay $300 a month for a bedroom, den, and cooking area, shared bathroom upstairs. When my girlfriend did sleep over, I was not even home until around 4 am and we didn't have sex that night. I have my own door leading outside and there's no reason for her to be down here other than the freezer."

(via Reddit / Mogoliapoopoosa)

4. "This is how the landlord fixed the leaky ceiling."

(via Reddit)

5. "I moved into this townhouse about six weeks ago. The landlord gave us the wrong key to the mailbox (which is one of those cluster boxes for the whole complex). Since the landlord owns the box, the Post Office can't do anything about it. I told him weeks ago that the key won't work and he said he'd give us a new one. 6 weeks later when I asked him when I would get the key he said it wasn't his problem and I still can't get to my mail."

(via Reddit / ginger_party)

6. "So, my roommate got this text today."

(via Reddit / TheDnBDawl)

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7. "My dog was mauled by my landlord's dog, and now they're evicting me. Their dog is known to be aggressive, and the landlords failed to secure the gate."

(via Instagram / naturally_natassia)

8. "My husband and I used to live in a condo (that we later found out had a crazy HOA). One night, after the housing office CLOSED, the HOA put a flier up on every main entrance door saying every tenant needed a new type of sticker on their car to prove they lived there. By 10 am the next morning, every single car in the entire complex had been towed due to 'not having the new tenant sticker.'"

"It was like a feeding frenzy watching the tow-truckers fight over the cars (a lot of them got messed up because truckers were in such a hurry to 'steal' them from each other that they weren't even hooking them up correctly). Our then-roommate's car got completely fucked as they dragged it around like an automatic car (it was a stick shift)."

"Our leasing office (run by the head of the HOA) told an angry mob of tenants it 'wasn't her problem we didn't get the stickers in time' and she was 'not responsible for finding what company took what car or paying to get the cars returned to the owners.'"

(via Reddit / PixiePrime)

9. "I was showing my house to my mom and stepdad the first day that I moved in. I opened up the hall closet and my landlord had left his bong on the top shelf."

"Later that night...He poured out the bong water in my new front yard and drove off drunk."

(via Reddit / More_again)

10. "How the landlord repairs the damage a stray bullet made in his building."

(via Imgur / karenscream)

11. "I am renting a single-family single-story house with a basement...The landlord owns two other houses. One has three apartments and a laundry room. The other is a duplex with no laundry room. Previously the people who lived in both of those places all used the laundry room in the three-apartment one. However, there was recently a fire in the laundry room and the landlord...gave keys to seven different people to my house so that they can go down into my basement and use the laundry machines that are there."

"I didn't even find out until I came home and heard someone down there...I called the landlord...He says he has no other option because their leases say he is responsible for the washer and dryer...My lease doesn't say that I have exclusive use of the basement, but I thought it was implied."

(via Reddit / gavekeysimdan)

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12. "I came back on leave from the military and my whole apartment had been cleaned out. My landlord took all of my stuff and locked [it] inside a shed at his house. His reason...even though the rent was paid on time, he thought it was abandoned or I had died overseas, even though he knew where I was three weeks before I came home."

"Went right over to his house and shot the lock off with my Remington 270. He hid in his house and called the police (can't blame him). I was arrested, but the charges were dropped and my things were promptly returned...I decided to rent a storage unit after that, since I didn't need the apartment anyway. "

(via Reddit / LimpHarness)

If you have a bad landlord story, be sure to post it in the comments. And don't forget to share this with any friends who rent their homes!

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