If You've Ever Played With LEGO (And Who Hasn't?), You're Going To Love What This Guy Did.

FEBRUARY 25, 2014

When playing with LEGO men as a kid I often wondered what this large world of ours would look like from their perspective. Clearly I wasn't alone in wondering that, as British photographer Andrew Whyte has a fun series of photos which he calls 'Legography'. Legography is all about the adventures of a lone LEGO photographer, which Whyte carries around in his pocket as he travels the United Kingdom, placing the tiny LEGO photographer in all kinds of situations then snapping a picture of him in action using his iPhone. Check out some of these super fun photos below, which Whyte has shared with his thousands of Facebook fans:

Every photographer needs his own shot of a London double-decker bus.

He was up early for this shot.

A bit of rain won't stop him getting that nature shot.


Ssshhhh, don't scare it away.

An eye for London.


I hope he sent them the tiny photo memento afterwards.

Run! Getting that action shot isn't worth it!

Now there's an unusual tree.

Portsmouth pier in the sunset.

All those pretty lights are worth a photo.

I could really go for a Coca Cola now.

HMS Warrior.

Colorful beach huts.

Seems he's found an oil spill that needs documenting.

Caught in the moment.

Choo choo!

If I'd ever see mushrooms my size, I'd stop to take a picture too.

One of the docks.

Sometimes the simplest of objects make the best pictures.

How fun is that? I like the fact that he even changed his shirt, made him seem just a little more human. Source: Andrew Whyte Photography / You can Like Andrew on Facebook Here Share this "Leg O'Grapher" with your friends below.


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