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These 19 Adorable Seals Can't Stop Laughing And You Won't Be Able To Either -- LOL

FEBRUARY 5, 2015  —  By Grace Eire  
Grace Eire

Grace Eire

On Viral Nova, Grace writes about cute animals. She also writes for, and thoroughly enjoys puns - the good kind or the bad kind. She's not picky when it comes to puns. She's studied English, music, film, and other creative fields. In her spare time she's reading or writing creative nonfiction, arranging songs, or writing jokes just in case she some day decides to try stand up comedy.

You'd be hard-pressed to come up with something more enjoyable than a genuine, I-can't-breathe, my-face-hurts laugh. It's almost a cleansing experience to laugh to the point of tears. Don't think animals experience the same joy from a good laugh?

Well, these seals are chock-full of the funnies. Check them out as they try to catch their breath between snorts and giggles.

1. "Haha! Not a yo momma joke, Ted."

2. "HAH. HAH. HAH."

3. "Tell it again. Tell it again!"

4. "Teehee." *snort* "You didn't hear that."

5. These two are about to get hit by a wave, probably adding fuel to their hilarious conversation.

6. Laugh lines? What laugh lines?

7. "AAAHHHHH HAHAHAHA! Classic Jim, tripping UP the stairs."

8. I get it, I'm not a part of this inside joke. No big deal, I'll just be over here.

I'm never skipping out on lunch with these guys again.

9. "Stop it, stop! I'm crying! TOO FUNNY."


11. He laughs like no one is around....oh, wait.

12. "Have you considered being a comedian?!"

13. "These guys, am I right?"

14. A good belly laugh is nature's best medicine.

15. "I haven't had this good of an ab workout in MONTHS."

16. The laugh-induced quadruple chin only makes you cuter.

17. "LOL you're so gullible. I didn't think you'd ACTUALLY eat the shaving cream!"

18. "HAAAAAAAAAAhahahahahha," *gasp* "HahahahahHAHAHAHahahaha," *heavy breathing*

19. "Flipper sandwich!"

(via Sad and Useless)

Deep breaths! Can I get you a glass of water, maybe? Ahh, I think you'll be fine! Do you think that maybe you could let me in on those inside jokes, though? I want to be part of the fun, too!

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