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Lysol Is Great For Cleaning, But It Was Once Used For Something Else Entirely

SEPTEMBER 4, 2015  —  By Scott Steinhardt

We have gotten to a point where techniques, cures, and medical solutions that were once the norm are now completely laughable. Sure, the medicines and supplements we use today will eventually be met with ridicule, but we're a lot better off now than we were 90 years ago.

Don't believe it? You'll faint when you learn what doctors told women to use for feminine hygiene back in the day.

Lysol, everyone's favorite disinfectant and toilet cleaner, was once recommended for use as a feminine hygiene product.

The ads, displayed here, all but shamed women into using the product to please themselves and their men. Talk about backwards, am I right?

Doctors in the early 20th century recommended Lysol for use as a douche, as well as a deterrent against pregnancy.

Smart scientists in the medical community railed against this suggestion, but doctors still recommended Lysol to women well into the '30s.

It was also touted as a birth control method, since access to proper contraceptives was barred from most women until 1965.

While Lysol did kill bodily bacteria, it also killed the good bacteria that women need to stay healthy.

Luckily, no doctor in their right mind would recommend this today. It's now just a horrible, confusing blast from the past.

(via All Day)

In today's more scientifically sound society, there are a bevy of feminine hygiene products out there that don't cause women physical harm. The best thing we can do when looking at these ads is learn from our mistakes, grow as a society, and not use aerosol disinfectants to clean our genitals.

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