In 1913, She Told Him They Couldn’t Be Together. 100 Years Later, THIS Was Just Discovered.

November 18, 2013 Heartwarming Life Stories

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If you had to name a story about undying love, you may think of a Shakespeare play or Jane Austen novel. But, one of the most heartwarming love stories was a complete secret – and completely real. While searching through the attic of his father’s house, a son came across boxes of old items. The most interesting were piles of love letters sent from a man named Max. From 1913-1978, Max and Pearle wrote each other. All his letters begin with “My Sweet Pearle” and end with “Forever yours, Max”. These letters were supposed to have been burned when Pearle passed away in 1980, but the family didn’t honor those wishes, and one of the greatest love stories began to unfold.

Pearle and Max were obviously meant to be together, their love was passionate and undying. Most of us could only dream of finding a love like this in our lifetime.


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