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No Woman Likes Her Time Of The Month, But This Invention Takes It Way Too Far

FEBRUARY 22, 2017  —  By Corinne Sanders

If you're a woman, I'm sure you've wished multiple times that there was a way you could put your period on hold or not deal with it at all.

Simply put, periods suck. Cramps and bloating are super uncomfortable, and having to use tampons or pads is really annoying and inconvenient at times -- but I think we can all agree they're much better than the nonsense this man is trying to sell.

Dr. Dan Dopps, a chiropractor from Kansas and founder of Mensez Technologies, has invented a "lipstick" that he claims is a much better alternative for menstruating women because it seals vaginas shut and keeps the blood from leaking out. Nope, we're not joking.

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According to Dopps, all women need to do is apply the "Feminine Lip-Stick" to their labia and it will act as an adhesive to prevent any leaks. Once they urinate, it is supposed to unstick and release menstrual discharge, which "allows everything to wash out in the toilet."

His ridiculous promises fail to correctly recognize how the female anatomy works and don't explain how unhygienic this is, let alone how exactly the adhesive would unstick with urine contact but not with menstrual fluid. "Clean, safe, secure, and done"? More like crazy, stupid, extra stupid, and disgusting.

Even more ridiculous is the way he talks to and about women on his "professional" social media accounts.

I hate to break it to you, buddy, but you have no idea what you're talking about -- seriously, what kind of doctor uses the term vag cups? Oh, right, you aren't a medical doctor. You're also not a gift to womankind as you seem to believe.

(via Daily Mail)

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It isn't on the market yet, but a patent was actually granted on January 10. Something tells me it's not going to sell very well. Share if you think this guy needs to get a damn grip.


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