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Guy Who Jokingly Makes His Dog Clean Up A Mess Is Catching Heat Online

AUGUST 3, 2017  —  By Matt Davidson  
Matt Davidson

Matt Davidson

Writer and sassy ginger currently residing in central Pennsylvania. Matt spends most of his free time online shopping for clothing that he doesn't need, perfecting the art of eye-rolling, and indulging in all forms of pop culture.

When Adrian Thomas bought a three-month-old Rottweiler puppy, he knew it was going to take some work to train the pup.

And for the most part, Luna has adjusted quite well to her new lifestyle. But because no one is perfect, Luna has her moments when she acts out. Recently, as Thomas made his way to the bathroom, he noticed that Luna had made quite the mess by unravelling nearly an entire roll of toilet paper. In hopes of preventing similar messes in the future, Thomas came up with a tongue-in-cheek solution.

In a video he shared on social media, Thomas can be seen guiding Luna to clean up the mess by holding her paws as she scooped up her toilet paper shreds.

Expecting the video to make the rounds in his inner circle, Thomas was in for a shock when the video clip quickly gained over 100,000 views.

And while most people saw it as a harmless bit of fun with his animal, others weren’t as pleased with the man’s actions.

Some viewers were quick to call out Thomas for what they described as animal abuse.

Others chimed in saying that his teaching opportunity was worthless and that Luna would not learn and would probably make a similar mess again.

While the hateful comments were few and far between, many people praised Thomas for his creative solution.

Some people even took to sharing their own stories and photos of their animals having a bit too much fun with toilet tissue.

But when it’s all said and done, Luna is reveling in her new-found fame.

And just in case you were wondering, Luna hasn’t suffered any long-lasting psychological distress due to her owner’s actions. Instead of focusing on the haters, she thinking about the important things in life.

Do you think the video was harmless fun or was animal abuse at play? Let us know what you think in the comment section.

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