Can You Spot What's Hidden In This Picture? Because It's Pretty Much Brilliant.

MARCH 11, 2014

Take a look at the wonderful work of Alyson Shotz. ... if you can even see it, that is. Alyson is an artist that specializes in creating large-scale sculptural pieces that relate with their surroundings. In this case, she created a fence that reflects the world around it. It almost perfectly blends in with the grass, trees and rolling hills in the distance. The mirror fence is as beautiful as it is deceptive.

She constructed a picket fence entirely of mirror.

Jeremy L. Thompson

It was a commissioned installation for the Storm King Art Center in NYC.

Jeremy L. Thompson

The reflective barrier almost perfectly reflects its surroundings.

Jeremy L. Thompson

The fence extends in a long, straight line and encloses nothing. It's only purpose is to melt in with the nature around it.

Jeremy L. Thompson

"I'm interested in making objects that change infinitely, depending on their surroundings. The light at different times of day, the weather…what the viewers are wearing, all these are just some of the variables that will make the piece different every time one comes in contact with it. For me an ideal work of art is one that is ultimately unknowable in some way."

Jeremy L. Thompson

You can view Alyson's work at the Storm King Art Center. Just be careful when you approach the mirror fence, as you might not realize you're upon it until you're very close. Source: Design Boom Alyson's art is both beautiful and strange, click below to share it with others.

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