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She Wanted Her Baby's Sex To Be A Surprise. Then She Started Getting These Messages.

SEPTEMBER 8, 2017  —  By Ryan E.

In-laws are generally known for being nosy, annoying, and even a bit invasive sometimes, but for one woman, her husband's mother completely crossed the line.

Back in 2014, an expecting mom wrote in to Slate's "Dear Prudence", seeking advice on how to deal with feelings of betrayal caused by her mother-in-law's actions. She'd been married to her husband for six years at the time and was pregnant with his family's first grandchild. They had both agreed that they didn't want to know the baby's sex until after she gave birth -- and the mother-in-law was enraged by this decision.

Despite the woman's willingness to go to the obstetrician of her mother-in-law's choosing and let her come to prenatal appointments, the grandmother-to-be wasn't satisfied. She mentioned gender whenever she could in reference to the baby.

During one sonogram, the woman was surprised to see her mother-in-law grinning. The doctor and staff knew not to let anyone know what the baby's sex was, but apparently, the ultrasound technician let something slip.

A few days later, she started getting messages from various family members congratulating her on her baby girl. Guess who they heard it from? Then, to add insult to injury, the mother-in-law told her that "if (she) 'still had a mother,' (she) wouldn't be so selfish." The mom-to-be was orphaned at 14 years old. Not only did she find a new doctor after that, but she also made plans to not allow her mother-in-law into the hospital where she would give birth.

(via Slate)

Like any other sane person, Prudence wrote back and confirmed that the way the woman's mother-in-law was acting was bizarre and obsessive, and that she and her husband needed to keep their distance from her. Here's hoping that by now, she isn't still being treated the same by her husband's mother.

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