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How Long Is Too Long To Walk Around Naked In Front Of Your Kids?

OCTOBER 9, 2016  —  By Hannah Austin

If you're a parent, you've probably been naked in front of your children a time or two.

It's not like we plan these things! But life is busy and kids are sneaky. Any mom or dad knows that privacy is next to impossible to find once you've become a parent. That's just how it goes.

Recently, a mom on Reddit asked an interesting question that elicited a variety of responses: "At what age did you stop being naked in front of your kid(s)?"


She went on to explain that, "Our seven-year-old prefers to air dry after shower time, so he's naked until bedtime. Another reason I still change in front of him is because I want him to know what a real woman looks like. I have stretch marks, a bit of cellulite, and I could stand to lose a little weight. Plus, I'm nursing his sister, so he sees my boobs all the time. I'm just curious about other families!"

Some responded with humor. THE_Incognito said, "When I walk around the house with just my panties on, before I get a chance to put pants on my six-year-old son says, 'Would you put on some pants, Mommy?'"


Likewise, genazmama shared, "My mother has no issues being naked around her three kids even now when we are adults, so I guess that's why I'm okay with it."


Others weren't fans of the idea. Redditor mamacarly said, "I ask that my kids are dressed unless they are in their rooms. I stopped being naked around them around the age of four. I prefer privacy and I am a part of my family too, and I would like to get dressed without an audience."


Oddly enough, though, the vast majority were totally cool with the idea. One anonymous mom said, "I will change in front of my son unless he says it makes him uncomfortable."


ZecaGus went as far as to explain her family's definition of comfort by saying, "I dress for comfort when I'm at home, and my son and brother, who lives with us, do the same. Comfort can be fully dressed, partially dressed, in underwear/gym shorts, or nothing at all. And we just don't care."


All in all, most parents seemed to agree with Rua-Yuki, who said, "[Stop] whenever any of you stop being comfortable with it. Nudity is only as awkward as you make it."


What do you think? How old is too old to be naked in front of your kids? Let us know in the comments!

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