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This Woman Ran A Nursing Home, But Her Patients Were Dying At An Alarming Rate

JANUARY 28, 2017  —  By Hannah Austin

Nursing homes are supposed to care for the elderly, but at Amy Archer's Home for the Elderly and Infirm? Residents were dying at alarming rates.

Amy Archer and her husband, James, first began looking after the elderly in 1902. In 1907, they formally opened their own nursing home, but James died just three years later. In 1913, Archer married the wealthy Michael Gilligan. After three months, he also died, leaving his entire estate to his wife. Later, it would be found that he and up to 50 of Archer's patients had died of arsenic poisoning, in what was to become known as the "Murder Factory."

Serial killers are rarely female, but Amy Archer's crimes can rival even the most heinous murderers. From 1913 to 1916, she killed as many as 50 elderly patients and her own husband by poisoning them with arsenic.

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The home that once functioned as Archer's Home for the Elderly and Infirm still stands to this day. After relatives of Archer's dead patients reported suspicions to police, it was found that she'd regularly purchased large quantities of arsenic. Even more telling, each one of the deceased had left her a large sum of money.

Newspapers dubbed the property the "Murder Factory." While 60 elderly patients died in Archer's care, it's believed that at least 50 of them were murdered by poison. Considering the financial transactions that surrounded their deaths, many of them forgeries, her motive appears to have been money.

Archer received a life sentence for her crimes, but was later moved to the Connecticut Hospital for the Insane. She remained there until 1962, when she died of natural causes.

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Do you think Archer was mentally ill or just a cold-blooded killer? Let us know in the comments below, and don't forget to share her story with your friends who are fascinated with trying to understand the minds of serial killers.

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