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Family Shows That With Enough Love And Effort You Can Accomplish Awesome Things

DECEMBER 28, 2014

You know those projects that get the whole family involved? The ones that might take forever, but in the end you're all really proud of what you've accomplished together? These are the projects that bring everyone closer, and allow each member of the family to contribute in a way that will help complete the project in the end. I love those kinds of projects.

One family decided to start a project that would take some time (18 months, to be exact) and was a little ambitious, but they knew it would be worth it in the long run. They decided against going to lumberyards and hiring professionals to redo they're home's floors. Instead, they did it themselves.

This family saw the potential in otherwise discarded wooden pallets. Originally, they were used to transport coconut oil to the U.S. Eventually, they would become beautiful hardwood flooring in their home.

The first step was to take apart the pallets and remove the nails. Everyone in the family got involved, including the young son.

They removed nearly 9,000 nails from the pallets.

The next part of the process was to take the de-nailed pieces of wood, sand them down, and refinish them.

This was a long part of the process, so they needed some extra help - here's a family friend getting involved.

Once all the wood was sanded and refinished, it was time to begin assembling the hardwood floors. This took a considerable amount of time.

More progress.

Luckily, everyone had their role. This little guy offered a little respite for the family to play with some of the pieces of wood.

After sanding, nailing the floorboards into place, and finishing the wood, the rooms looked incredible with all the mixed colors.

(source Reddit)

This project was obviously labor-intensive and time-consuming, but completing it alongside family and friends must have been a great feeling. Next time you think about doing a project all by yourself, you should see if you can get some family members involved - you might be surprised by the results.

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