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These Panorama Camera Fails Will Boggle Your Mind

JANUARY 7, 2016  —  By Joe Welkie

The panorama function on most cellphones allows people to capture large landscapes by just moving their phones across any given scene. It is an awesome tool for photographers who use their phones to take incredible pictures with just the touch of a button.

But that doesn't always go so well when the function falls into the wrong hands. Check out these panorama fails.

1. The planet is falling!

2. That's an oddly shaped man.

3. How can you walk like that?

4. This is what babies would look like if humans were also wiener dogs.

5. Where'd the body go?!

6. Imploding face.

7. What kind of beast is this?

8. Wiener cat.

9. What are these arms?

10. Oh no...

11. A really short dog.

12. Arm head.

13. Again with the short dogs...

14. Put her in the circus tent!

15. Now that's what I call a stretch.

16. Inspector Gadget over here.

17. Ripping his own face off. That takes skill.

18. Can dogs just remain a normal length, please?

19. Seeing double is creepy in this case.

20. This looks like something from Inception.

21. Ride that little horsey!

22. "Bae caught me morphing."

23. Maybe she's born with it.


25. He's completely legless.

26. I feel like this perfectly represents a hangover.

27. And to your left, you can see Inception Falls.

28. This is why you never skip leg day.

29. I think this dog is lagging.

30. "You must take your place in the circle of life."

31. "Yep. I can smell that garlic bread I had yesterday."

32. Everything about this is unfortunate.

33. See. I told you that aliens build the pyramids!

34. He might look odd, but Three-Armed George is a real nice guy.

35. The Green Bay Packers need to get this guy on their team.

36. She's waiting for her identical twin sister to sit down so she can applaud.

37. I've made that same face during a hard exam.

38. Awesome "Alien" costume there dude!


40. Stop horsing around!

(via Distractify)

I'm glad that these are just camera fails, because if they weren't, I'd be very worried about the world we live in. It looks absolutely horrifying.

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