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20 Petty People Who Bring Passive-Aggression To A Whole New Level

DECEMBER 25, 2016  —  By Corinne Sanders

Let's face it -- we've all been a little passive-aggressive at some point.

If my old, cringe-worthy Facebook posts are any indication, I used to be the queen of indirect hostility. I'm proud to say that I've changed my immature ways for the most part, but there are some people who never seem to grow out of it.

These 20 people must be terrified of direct confrontation, because they went to great lengths to get their angry messages across without really verbalizing them at all.

1. If your roommate leaves this for you when they move out, you might want to consider a restraining order.

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2. Mike can't help that the tooth fairy thinks his teeth are better.

3. Okay, if someone really is wiping their disgusting boogers on the wall, this note is definitely justified.

4. Something tells me that the confrontation will come in the form of another note.

5. Two can play at that game.

6. This is actually pretty accurate.

7. What a kind soul.

8. Because taking the time to do this instead of just telling your server makes much more sense.

9. Seriously?

10. Maybe you should tell her, not Craigslist.

11. Sounds good to me.

12. "As a 24-year-old single waitress, I think my mom might be hinting at something..."

13. You obviously don't if you buy any other brand.

14. That'll teach your roommate to leave notes about what needs to be done around the house.

15. "Screw your unreasonable ketchup demands!"

16. They've finally stepped in the pile that broke the camel's back.

17. This is why some people just shouldn't be friends with their parents on Facebook.

18. How about you bring your own food, Debbie?

19. I think someone's trying to tell you something...

20. Asking your waitress for another fork crosses the line, apparently.

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Some of these may be a little counterproductive, but at least they're entertaining, right? Share with others so they can get a few laughs, too!


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