This Girl Noticed Something Unexpected On Her New Plant. What Happened After That Is AWESOME.

February 14, 2014 Stories

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When reddit user miss_beat‘s boyfriend bought her a plant one day, she never thought that there was something hiding on the plant that would give her an unexpected experience she would never forget. Because located under one of the leaves was a tiny little caterpillar, enjoying a healthy green lunch.

Her apartment building sadly doesn’t allow pets, and she’s always wanted an animal to care for, so she adopted the little caterpillar and watched it transform into a beautiful butterfly over the space of 5 weeks.

Miss_beat says she apologizes for the state of her fingernails in some of the pictures, she didn’t realize at the time they were that dirty. But she shared these pictures anyway since she thought John deserves to be seen in all his glory, despite her work-grubby hands.


Share this majestic moment of nature below.

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