This Hospital Took The Fears Of Children And Turned Them Into Something Awesome. This Is GREAT.

MARCH 6, 2014

Going to the hospital can be an intimidating and frightening event, even for adults. So, when children need to go to the hospital, it's even more stressful on the entire family. That's why the New York-Presbyterian Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital decided to come up with a way to help kids relax while they're getting procedures. It's so cute.

They needed to replace their current machine.

So, instead of just buying a machine that would deliver a smaller dosage of radiation...

The hospital also decided to give the machine a makeover.

The room is completely decked out in pirate decor.

And it's not scary pirates, either. The funny animal pirates are adorable and keep the kids distracted.

Even the parents that have seen the CT scan are pleased with the results.

Machines like this are usually loud and upsetting for children.

But when the kids feel like brave pirates?

It doesn't seem so bad.

Children aren't the only ones afraid of the doctor. I know quite a few people who would prefer to use the pirate CT scan instead of having to go into a dull, white room to get their testing done. Somehow, fun colors and a happy atmosphere can make things seem so much easier. Especially the adorable tiger pirate. Via Bored Panda

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