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This Old Boat Got An Astounding Makeover And A New Lease On Life

AUGUST 17, 2015

Upon receiving a 26-year-old pontoon boat from a relative, Imgur user pheen decided that the boat could use a little love, and a big makeover. It had a number of problems, including a bad fuel filter and some very soggy, weathered furniture, so something needed to be done.

The large undertaking still isn't completely finished, but the boat's looking and running a whole lot better.

This is how it looked when it was handed over. It clearly needed a little attention.

"Playbuoy". Pretty clever!

The back.

Motor looking a bit used and old.

Bringing the boat that A LOT of work on it could be started.

First, the hard-top awning and furniture were removed.

The whole boat needed a whole good clean too.

The boat had clearly seen better days...


Next, the fencing along the sides was removed.

Rotted carpet/plywood had to go.

The whole boat was eventually stripped down.

Like, really stripped down.

All of the wiring had to be reinstalled.

They tried their best to clean the pontoons. They got a little better, but not perfect.

Some marine-grade plywood became the new base.

The plywood was attached with screws that are made for this application.

They then smoothed over the joints and screw holes with joint compound and let it dry.

The nice warm day helped a lot with the drying.

The plywood was covered in heavy-duty vinyl, which would hold up to moisture better than carpet.

The biggest challenge was making sure it was straight. The lines helped, but would also show any mistakes they made.

The fencing frames were cleaned up and salvaged, but the solid side paneling is new.

All of the cuts to the aluminum would be covered, so they didn't need to be perfect. They used a Dremel with a cut wheel (well, a few cut wheels) to make the cuts.

It looks much better than the old siding on the left.

The aluminum panels slide (with some force) into the channels on the fencing and then riveted into place.

The new furniture was ordered online. This contributed to the bulk of renovation expenses.

Test fitting the fencing.

They next cut the vinyl flooring to size.

The first test fitting of the furniture. Looking good at this point!

The captain's chair.

A new steering console was installed after the base was complete.

Shot of the flooring above the front of the pontoons that they eventually removed due to the trim not fitting on the front of the boat when they were there.

New wires were encased for protection.

A new battery to help things run smooth.

They then added shiny new cleats.

That new furniture looks great, right?

The new and improved boat can now accommodate 12 passengers.

Stylish new capacity plate

Luckily, the original navigation lights could be recycled, which cut down on costs.

Lastly, a bad fuel filter had to be replaced and after that the entire engine ran great.

After everything was done, she made her maiden voyage!

They made sure all the necessities were on board.

These precious passengers approved!

I mean, look at that smile.

After taking the boat out for a spin, pheen decided that it'd probably need a bigger motor in the future. But for now, she's sailing just fine!

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