What Happened To This Teen Girl In Japan Is INSANE. Yet Somehow I'm Completely Jealous.

FEBRUARY 19, 2014  —  By Sara Heddleston  
Sara Heddleston

Sara Heddleston

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There's a tiny island in Japan that is so full of cuteness, if I saw it in person I wouldn't be able to handle it. It's known as Rabbit Island, and that is because it's literally full of nothing but rabbits. (Surprise!) Rabbit Island, a.k.a., Okunoshima, was used as the secret base for the Japanese Imperial Army’s lethal gas operation during World War Two. You wouldn't even guess it now, though, because the only reason people know this island is for the bunnies. Lots and lots of bunnies.

Over 6,000 tons of poison gas were manufactured on this island during the war, but that dark history has been erased by the bunnies.

At some point, rabbits were introduced to this remote island and they took over. Now, there are HUNDREDS of adorable bunnies living there.

To the delight of tourists, you can visit the island and interact with all of the furry residents.

And judging by the video below, the rabbits really like it when tourists visit to feed and pet them. After all, who doesn't like to be fed treats and cuddled? Experiencing an adorable rabbit stampede is something I need to do before I die. Source: YouTube Why go to a tropical island paradise when you could go to one of the cutest islands on earth, filled with lovable new friends? Share this, maybe you'll find someone to take the trip with you.


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