21 Jaw Dropping Before and After Photos of Rescued Animals

JUNE 4, 2013  —  By Sara Heddleston  
Sara Heddleston

Sara Heddleston

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When these animals were found on the street, most of them were in such poor conditions because of neglect they were barely recognizable as dogs or cats. Thousands of animals roam the streets without care. These are just some examples of the amazing transformations those strays undergo when they are finally rescued by those who are kind enough to help.

1.) Tink was doomed to die because she was a Pit Bull. That is, until she was saved!

2.) This puppy was suffering from mange and other injuries; now he is just happy!

3.) Poppy the Boston Terrier underwent an amazing transformation after getting rescued.

4.) Zoe the Great Dane was emaciated when she was rescued; only 3 months later, she is a healthy pup.

5.) It's hard to recognize Apollo as the poor puppy who needed help getting off of the streets.

6.) A kitten on the verge of death finds a loving home.

7.) Humans were responsible for this dog's misery, but he was soon saved!

8.) This kitten nearly died on the streets; she is a healthy goofball now!

9.) Frightened and starving, when rescued this boy was in terrible shape. His joy is hard to contain after being rescued!

10.) Noble arrived to the animal shelter as an emaciated puppy. You could count his bones before being saved.

11.) Hope truly blossomed after a little tender loving care.

12.) Chloe didn't even look like a dog before being rescued.

13.) A wild stray was given a new family and a healthy life.

14.) Born on the streets, this kitten barely survived the first weeks of his life.

15.) When this kitten was brought in, he suffered a terrible eye infection. Now look at those beauties!

16.) Mange is a terrible, flesh-eating condition many stray dogs like this one suffer from.

17.) When this miniature pony was found, he so neglected he barely had the strength to stand.

18.) Neglect and a hard life on the streets rendered this puppy a sad, beaten creature... until a family found him.

19.) This beautiful shepherd mix was brought in extremely malnourished; now, she is a beautiful girl!

20.) When this puppy was found, you could count her ribs. She is on her way to being fat and healthy now!

21.) Matted fur hid this neglected dog from the world, now we can see his sweet face. :)



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