These 30 Puppies Are So Ridiculously Cute, You'd Do Absolutely Anything For Them

SEPTEMBER 13, 2016  —  By Corinne Sanders

Is there anything better in the world than baby animals?

Unless you hate cute things, your answer is most likely no. Although pretty much any animal is cute as a baby, puppies are among the most adorable. Their sweet, furry faces can make even the grouchiest people smile, and snuggling with them is pure bliss.

So if you're having a rough time, all you need to do is check out the ridiculously cute puppy pictures below. They're guaranteed to brighten up your day (and make you want to adopt one...or 10).

1. The vest makes him even more lovable.

2. Cuddling with this fuzzball would be the best thing ever.

3. That face is just begging to be kissed.

4. Why, yes, I'll rub your ears while feeding you kibble.

5. "You will now give me treats, helpless hooman."

6. Take you to the park instead of go to work? You got it.

7. And now I'm squealing.

8. Ice cream for dinner? You clearly deserve it!

9. "You may pet me now."

10. I need to know where I can find this variety pack of cuteness.

11. I think we can all agree on this.

12. Please come home with me, little nugget.

13. Those baby blues are all that is right in the world.

14. How beautiful is that fur?

15. I'll START a fire for this cutie.

16. Poor baby! She was a little nervous on the first day of obedience class.

17. I just want to get her a little pillow.


18. Yes, I will do whatever you want.

19. Okay, I'm officially in love.

20. Her face makes me so happy.

21. Be right back. I have to stop my heart from melting.

22. This pup's fluffiness knows no bounds.

23. He could make anyone smile.

24. This is all she needs to do to get out of trouble.

25. Those ears!

26. Okay, just take my lunch!

27. It's baby Chewbacca!

28. I would sell my belongings to be able to poke that belly.

29. The goggle markings make her even more endearing.

30. He makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

See? Puppies make everything better. I only wish that I could hold them all and never let them go.



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