So There’s A School Groundskeeper In Russia. And What He Does With Just A Broom Is AWESOME.

May 3, 2014 Other Stuff

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There is a school in Izhevsk, the capital city of Russia’s Udmurt Republic, that has one of the best groundskeepers in the world. The 51 year-old is great at his job, but that’s not what makes him so special. It’s what he does for fun that is so amazing.

Seymon Bukharin is a creative soul, so he enjoys making art whenever he can. That’s why, on snowy days, he enjoys creative large drawings in the snow on the school grounds for all to see.

(H/T Inspire Fusion)

The creative man doesn’t just make a living, he does it with flair. The students really enjoy what he does. They even attempt to make their own drawings themselves, inspired by Seymon.

What this groundskeeper does is absolutely amazing… share it with others.

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