What Goes On In This Shanty Town Is Controversial To Say The Least. I Can’t Believe It Exists.

February 15, 2014 News

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Millions of people are living in informal settlements all across South Africa called shanty towns, these shanty settlements consist of thousands of houses referred to as shacks or shantys. At first glance, these photos below seem to offer a glimpse into the harsh lives of the millions of people living in extreme poverty in South Africa. But that’s not the case.

The shacks pictured below are all part of a highly controversial resort that offers tourists the experience of sleeping inside a metal hut for a mere $82 a night.

The insensitivity of turning millions of peoples’ suffering, misfortune and disgraceful quality of life into a novelty attraction is somewhat shocking. Here’s the video from their YouTube channel:

Source: Emoya Estate’s Web Site

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