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25 Of The Cutest, Most Dedicated Single Dads Of All Time

FEBRUARY 3, 2017  —  By Hannah Austin

Statistically speaking, there are far fewer single dads than single mothers. As a result, there's a stereotype that men aren't as good as women at raising kids on their own, but as these 25 single dads prove, nothing could be further from the truth!

And because of that, there are also fewer support systems in place for men raising kiddos on their own. Lacking public programs, men's clubs, and playdates where they can meet others in the same situation, these dads have created their own communities on social media. There, they've found a place to swap stories, ask for advice, and celebrate fatherhood. After peeking inside their world, it's clear that these dads are just as dedicated to their kids as any good mom would be.

1. "I can't wait to pick my baby up from her first day of #kindergarten!!!!" - scott_js

2. "It's not always easy being a single dad, but sometimes I get to experience some things that other dads might not." - blatzphemy

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3. "As a single dad and pilot, I fly passengers so I can go home and feed my kid. I also often take her around the world with me." - daddy_must_fly

4. "I'm a single dad. My daughter asked when I'd teach her how to shave her legs. Well, today was the day." -

5. "Oh, you know, just a lil spa & movie time with the girls! LOL!!" - goodjobcobb

6. They taste better when they are hearts, promise.

7. "Young single dad, minimum wage, and college; this is the only thing I need to be happy." - StrictlyAcoustic

8. "My daughter turns four today. This is my first attempt at a cake as a single dad. I hope she likes it!" - Mehlforwarding

9. "As a single dad, she loves our Halloween nights." -

10. "When your princess wants her crown clean you break out the jewelry cleaner and make it shine! #singledadlife" - csdiamond22

11. "A little over two years ago, Meadow made me this bracelet. It was a complete turning point in my life and never leaves me." - scott_js

12. "Dad life, you say? I raise you single father dress-up time." - tyhorner

13. "Nothing brings me more joy than the quiet moments sharing my passion with her!" - chefnokes_pnw

14. "Single dad, daughter asked me to give her stuffed bunny a bath. She's at her mom's so I sent her this." - ChristianGeek

15. "I'm a single dad of three. This is me sending off my only daughter to her first day of kindergarten." - Shrugged99

16. "As a single father of two kids who love Santa, I try to make do with what I have." - sgorman

17. "Single dad here, this happens a lot. For reals." - ticosurfer

18. "Getting to spend some special, one-on-one time w/ my oldest before we pick up the other two!" - goodjobcobb

19. "As a single dad of two boys, I present to you: Clothing Prep Sunday." - _disguy

20. Looks like he has it handled, but if he ever needs help, there's a hair school for fathers!

21. "I'm a 23 y.o. male, single father of two and this is my first attempt at a hula girl cake for my little girl's b-day." - BB_Wolfy

22. "As a single dad, this pretty much sums up my life right now." - Solix

23. "Single dad -- how'd I do?" - bujw

24. "I had always planned on doing something like this for a woman but I realized the most important female that deserves my attention is already right here beside me. - P.S. She said YES!" - Jason Garmon

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25. "Amazing to hold my son's hand and adventure with him." - raduncle

If you're a a single father looking for an online community of support, be sure to check out SingleDads on Reddit. And don't forget to SHARE these awesome single dads with your friends and family!

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