What These 3 Brothers Made In Their Yard Is Simply Unbelievable. Seriously, WOW.

January 4, 2014 Entertainment

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If you live in a state above the snow line, then during the winter you’re going to have to deal with some of that white, fluffy stuff. Three brothers in Minnesota had an idea: they were not just going to shovel their driveway and leave it at that. Instead, the teenage brothers Austin, Connor, and Trevor Bartz decided to do something unbelievable. The three stunned their neighbors in New Brighton, Minnesota by spending 95 hours over the course of 3.5 weeks building a gigantic, 20 foot tall snow shark in their yard.

It’s even more impressive than it sounds.

If you think the pictures are impressive, watch the timelapse of the shark’s construction:

Woah. And I thought building a snowman was pretty cool.

Source: reddit.com

What a wonderful way for three brothers to spend time together during the winter. Please share this with your friends!

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