13 Pictures That Will Change Your Mind About Pit Bulls

AUGUST 23, 2013  —  By Sara Heddleston  
Sara Heddleston

Sara Heddleston

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Many people unfairly assume that pit bulls are violent dogs. The breed is strong, but that doesn't mean that violence is a trait of the breed. Humans taught the fighting dogs violence, it's not in their nature. So before you assume that pit bulls are dangerous dogs, look at the 13 pictures below. These images prove that the breed is just as loving and happy as other dogs. If raised and socialized (like you would do for ANY other dog), they can be a loving member of the family.

Many people don't understand that, as a breed, pit bulls are very loving.

When you look at this face, do you see anything other than love?

Nothing about these pit bulls is destructive or violent.

Just happy!

They are strong dogs, but that doesn't make them killers.

Every dog needs to be raised and socialized properly, not just pit bulls.

They are so great at giving hugs...

Loving other animals...

And smiling.

Pit bulls can be so gentle with the tiniest of creatures.

From chicks...

To children.

Violence isn't in their nature. Humans teach them violence.

There are no dangerous breeds, just dangerous owners. Source


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