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15 Absolutely Terrible Life Tips That Are Sure To Set You Up For Failure

NOVEMBER 15, 2017  —  By Corinne S.

For practically every snag we run across in life, there's a handy tip to make things easier.

But while there are plenty of "life pro tips" out there, not all of them are equal in their usefulness. For every great piece of advice, there's bound to be a terrible one that ends up making things much more difficult for us -- like the failure-inducing "solutions" below.

The only thing these 15 awful life pro tips succeed at is making us all crack up.

1. "Magnify your phone screen by putting it in a glass of water." -- mark_s

2. "If your meth dealer still has their teeth, they're probably a cop." -- privatefries

3. "They'll never hear." -- gregthegregest

4. "Don't vaccinate your kids, you will save money when they don't live long enough to go to college." -- not-funny-ever

5. "Use your seatbelt to open beers whilst you drive." -- xKillWillzx

6. "In the morning to make sure your phone is nice and clean, microwave it for 30 seconds to get rid of all the bad bacteria that might have got on it during the night." -- ultowich

7. "Quitting smoking adds 10 years to your life. Keep starting and stopping and you will live forever." -- Womblue

8. "When cutting bagels in half, put your finger through the stabilization hole to keep it steady." -- jaapgrolleman

9. "Can't tell if that pearl is real? Drop it in white wine vinegar! White wine vinegar is approximately 5-7% acetic acid, right around the exact concentration needed to corrode the calcium carbonate, but not plastic. So if it's real, it will dissolve. But if it's fake, it will remain in tact." -- Not-Patrick

10. "Homemade waterproof socks." -- Uncle_Retardo

11. "Don't use your turn signal. It's nobody else's business where you are going." -- ohsureyoudo

12. "Use frozen vegetables when you run out of ice." -- deviousdishsoap

13. "To avoid putting your contact lenses in the wrong way, take a Sharpie and label them 'L' or 'R'." -- fireburner999

14. "Never lose your keys again." -- Fckuu

15. "If you are tired and need to stay awake just think of the uncertainty of your future so the anxiety gives you a panic attack and you won't be able to sleep." -- kcirrag22

Need more crappy tips in your life? Head on over to r/ShittyLifeProTips, but whatever you do, please don't actually follow their advice -- obviously, it's all meant as a joke.

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