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These 21 Mugshot Tattoos Are More Terrifying Than Any Crime Show Or Story

JANUARY 18, 2015

Mugshots are a very unique form of photography. They give the general public the chance to come face to face with hardened criminals without actually having to meet them in person. After seeing some of these mugshots of criminals with facial tattoos, I certainly hope I never have to meet any of these people in real life.

1. Just imagine how much it must have hurt to get his skull tattooed.

2. Interesting choice of tattoos...

3. I'm not sure what motif this guy was going for here.

4. Did he tattoo a ski mask on his face?

5. Why did the police let him leave his white contacts in?

6. Is he supposed to look like a demon?

7. Interesting tattoo placement...

8. Now you can be terrified of criminal clowns too.

9. He's coming for your soul.

10. I hope that's just facepaint.

11. Poor guy, all he wanted was to be able to grow an epic mustache.

12. At least we know what he's thinking.

13. His tattoo might influence the jury.

14. I don't even know where to begin with this guy.

15. More criminal clowns?!

16. Something tells me this guy isn't actually a genius.

17. This guy is so evil he started growing horns.

18. He doesn't look very innocent with those tattoos.

19. I don't think they serve vegan food in prison.

20. Right out of your nightmares.

21. He looks like he just wants to take a nap.

These people are all pretty terrifying, but none of them can hold a candle to this guy. Still, I'd try to stay very far away if I ever saw them on the street.

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