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It's Bad Enough When Kids Ruin Trivial Things, But These Stories Are Way, Way Worse

SEPTEMBER 11, 2017  —  By Corinne S.

10. "My sister and I (4 and 6) wanted to go swimming. I had a brilliant idea. We could turn the kitchen into a pool. We brought loads of sand into the house. We blocked off the heater vents with sand and built a berm at each doorway leading into it. Then we plugged up the sink with rags and turned it on. My dad didn't wake up until we had 3 to 5 inches of water in the kitchen. We needed new flooring and sheetrock after this."

(via MemeWarfareCenter)

11. "My kid broke a 60-inch TV, Samsung tablet, 2 Galaxy phones (s5 and s6), a refrigerator, my wife's nose, and a toilet. This kid is taking up quite the tab."

(via Deckard_the_baby)

12. "My dad, a realtor, once sold a house and a condo to a guy whose daughter had burned down their old house. The house was for the family, the condo was for the daughter. I asked my dad how it had happened and he said the guy just told him, 'She's always been like that.'"

(via well_uh_yeah)

13. "I was washing my van one day 3 years ago and my-two-year old decided to help wash the other side.....with rocks. Scratched right down to the primer."

(via ThMickXXL)

14. "Not a parent but I was on a cruise ship and they have art auctions with free champagne so lots of people just go for the drinks. Anyway, this feral family came in all loud and let their kids run free, but one of their kids had crayons and drew on a $15,000 painting."

(via jmemequeen)

15. "I destroyed my whole house. I was 10 years old, and sleepwalked a good bit. One night I turned on the bath tub and went back to sleep. Nobody in my family woke up until morning, and by that point the water was collapsing the downstairs ceilings, coming out of the chandelier, and pooling in the basement. Thank God for homeowner's insurance."

(via aharnak)

(via BoredPanda)

Yikes! Maybe I'll hold off on the whole mom thing for a while. What's the most expensive thing your kids have broken?

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